Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I`m back..

Well actually I`ve been back quite a while but as I`m sure my fellow bloggers are aware sometimes life just takes over and blogging gets pushed to the sidelines.However I am back,I have been on holiday and I have turned 21-yay!

Last month I went to Las Vegas for 1 week with my boyfriend and had lots of fun,I am missing it already and contemplating going back next year.If anyone who has never been who may be considering going I would say go for it,you will have an amazing time,your feet however wont as some nights I had done so much walking during the day I couldn`t even get my feet into my shoes they were that swollen!While I was there I got to see Janet Jackson in concert at Ceaser's Palace which was amazing,there was a great atmosphere and she was fantastic live.I also got to make several trips to Sephora which I was so excited about,we seriously need them in the UK.Another favourite haunt was The Cheesecake Factory,oh my god the food is to die for and I could not beleive how inexpensive it was compared to what we pay for a meal at home.I also went to the Sugar Factory which was fun although really busy and of course we had a few hours spent in various casino's.My favourite hotel is Definately Ceaser's Palace,although I would love to stay at the Bellagio,the fountain show they have there is pretty impressive and a must see if you have never been to Vegas before.Just writing about it all makes me want to be back!

I do have a haul coming up but as its rather large I am going to seperate it into two parts,cosmetics/beauty produtcs and fashion.I have a bit of hauling build up due to not blogging for some time and doing a little extra shopping than normal due to it being my brithday recently.For now however I just wanted to do a quick update and let anyone who may be interested know no,I have not dissapeared off the planet and I can`t wait to get back into the swing of blogging again.