A little bit about myself...

  • I`m 20 years old
  • My name is far as I`m aware this is the only name I go by,ha!
  • My birthday is in April
  • I have 2 pets,a Bedlington terrier dog who drives me insane and an 8yr old cat who is much less...'active'
  • I live in the North East of England (joy!-not)
  • I have a lovely boyfriend
  • My favourite brands are Mac and YSL
  • I am a nude lipstick lover
  • 90% of my wardrobe is Topshop
  • I LOVE Lady Gaga
  • I also love Michael Jackson
  • I want to travel the world!
  • I`m currently working as a beauty therapist but Its not something I wish to do forever
  • I love long hair
  • A bronze smokey eye is my favourite look
  • I have a massive fear of moths,I can`t even look at pictures of them :(
  • I love Leonardo Dicaprio and have done since I was about 6! rather sad I know!
  • I am obsessed with horror films
  • My nail polish collection is out of control but my theory is that they are 'career related' purchases and therefore ok
  • I wish I could play the piano
  • My best/favourite subject in school was English Literature.I was and still am terrible at Maths!
  • I can`t function without my phone being within arms reach at all times,I`m also an avid tweeter!
  • I used to have bleach blonde hair! (cringe)
  • I lost alot of weight when I was 19 (about 3 stone)
  • I am half Irish!
So there's a few facts about myself,if theres anything else you wish to know please don`t hesitate to ask :)