Thursday, 3 February 2011

Review:Too Faced 'Papa don`t peach' Blush

I want to start by saying Too Faced is not a brand I am especially familiar with,infact this is the only item from the company that I actually own.For some reason I seem to overlook the brand in general and favour other companies such as Mac,YSL and Benefit.However after purchasing this blush named 'Papa don't peach' I will deffinetly be checking out what the brand have to offer in future and I already have my eye on their matte bronzer which I have heard excellent things about.

The blush is obviously peach toned hence the name but it is actually more of a peachy,light pink.Although I don`t think it translates to the pan the colour is incredibley natural looking and has a light shimmer,it is not at all glittery as I first thought this may be the case but infact is so finely milled even a matte blush fan like myself can get away with it.

I think this shade would work well on any skin tone which is hard to come by with peach blush in my opinion.I find that some can look totally orange on fair skinned ladies and others can have the opposite for darker skin tones.

I think I paid around £16 for this blush which isn't what I`d call cheap but not ott either.As you can see it comes with a mirror which is a nice bonus and has cardboard packaging which I am usually not a fan of but the retro feel of the packaging does appeal to me.I purchased my blush from a larger Boots store but I believe Too Faced can be found in Debenhams and House of Fraser stores also.


  1. Ooh that looks so pretty! Great review :D I always seem to walk past this section too, perhaps i should check it out :P x