Sunday, 6 February 2011

Making the most of your makeup...

I dont know about anyone else but I absolutley hate when I come to the end of one my favourite products .Over the past 6 or so months I have managed to make my way through what I would call probably my most used and favourite mac lipsticks.After realising there was still infact product left below the base of the lipsticks I decided why not depot the remaining product.I purchased a stackable set of small plastic containers (as pictured) from Boots and using my cuticle knife (you could use a cuticle stick or hair pin instead) scooped out as much of the product left in the lipstick tube as possible-which actually turned out to be quite alot.All you need then is a lip brush,or you could use your finger for a lighter aplication and there you have it,your favourite lipstick is brought back to life and I can now back to Mac for another lipstick to add to my collection.
Lipsticks shown from right to left are Myth,Angel,Hue and Darling by Gosh (I don`t wear this shade so much anymore but it was rolling around in my lipstick drawer and I decided why not depot it too).I also managed to peel the labels from each lippie and stick them to the base of each individual container (they screw apart),so I will always know which is which.


  1. that is such a good idea =) xx

  2. Great idea! I've not used up one lipstick of mine but i'm getting very close to finished Lady Danger (MAC) which is quite an achievement for me ;) I'll probably end up doing this too :D x