Sunday, 20 February 2011

NOTD:OPI My Private jet

OPI's my private jet is one of my favourite shades ever and this shimmery dark grey is probably the darkest I can go in terms of nail polish.It might just be me but I have always felt like I don`t suit black nail polish,MPJ however is the perfect dark polish for me.I purchased this about a year and a half ago after hearing Kim Kardashian mention it on an episode of Keeping Up,very sad indeed but I am glad I did,its lovely.I reccomend it to everyone but especialy those who feel they cant wear black but want to try a dark polish.

Please excuse my very sloppy application,if you are thinking 'looks like she applied it in the dark' you wouldn`t be wrong.I actually wore this on my nails a few days this past week and applied it under my bedside lamp at about 1am!For some reason I always get the urge to paint my nails just before bed,how rediculous.Anyway despite my sloppy (considering its my job!) application I love to wear MPJ,it goes with absolutely everything!