Sunday, 20 February 2011

Estee Lauder Treats...

Yesterday I asked my mam to pick me up a bottle of one of my favourite winter foundations while she was in town as I was in need of the next shade up due to the tanning I`ve been doing lately.The foundation in question was Estee Lauder's Double Wear,I alternate between the shades Tawny and Shell Beige,Tawny being the lighter of the two.

My mam decided to treat me to another bottle as there is currently a free gift with purchase so not only did I get 2 foundations I also received this bag of goodies thanks to my mam.Im not 100% sure what you had to spend in order to receieve the free gift but I have a feeling it was a buy 2 make up products get it free deal.I`m not normally treated to things like make up,clothes etc by my parents these days so this of course was a lovely treat for me.

Anyway on to the goodies...
Inside the blue stripey cosmetic bag (which is very good quality may I add) is....

Take it away makeup remover

Pure colour eyeshadow quad

Idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher

Hydrationist maximum moisture creme

Sumptuous mascara

Double wear eyeliner

Lipstick in pink parfait

Out of the products included I have only tried the double wear eyeliner which is infact one of my favourite pencil liners.It lasts for hours and is very black I would recomend it to everyone.I have tried the double wear mascara before and I really rate it so I am excited to try the Sumptuous mascara,I have heard good things about this on blogs so I can`t wait to test it out.As for the other products I am most looking forward to testing out the pore minimizing lotion,I have quite visible pores so I am a good candidate!

I think its great when companies do free gift with purchase or minimum spend deals as its a perfect way to test out new products you may have never thought to try.Its great when something unexpected works out for you and we all like to get a reward especially since high end makeup can be so pricey.I`m interested to know if any of my readers have come across any good makeup deals lately and what 'free' products unexpectedly worked out for you?


  1. Looks like a great free gift!:)

    Laura x

  2. Ooh please let us know how that pore minimizer cream goes. I noticed mine the other day D: Fab post! x

  3. I will do and thanks!I used it once this week and noticed no difference whatsoever but I need to give it a proper go.If its any good I`ll do a review :)