Sunday, 27 February 2011

Revlon and Topshop goodies...

This week I have been mainly working however today I popped into town for a spot of shopping and I also ordered a few things online which arrived a few days ago.Most of what I have been buying lately has been clothes as I`m trying to prepare for my holiday and the warmer weather which I am patiently waiting for! Unfortunatly I have found it pretty difficult to get any decent pictures when it comes to clothing so I am planning to do a few OOTD posts in the hope of showing them off a little better.
I stopped by the Revlon stand in Boots this afternoon and as there is currently a 3 for 2 offer I decided to pick up two nail polishes,on the left is grey suede which is not very grey but is a gorgeous nude and pink pastel which is a pale lilac-pink.I have actually never tried Revlon nail polish before as I usually prefer OPI just because its what I`m used to working with in the salon.Im not a nail polish snob though!I love Barry M polishes and I`m hoping I will love these too.The colours are SO pretty!I also chose a lipgloss in the shade Pink Crystals,a lovely peachy,pink with subtle shimmer.These are actually my favourite 'drugstore' lipglosses and I also own the shade peach petal which is an absolute must for a lipgloss fan.They have a doe foot aplicator and a very smooth consistancy,not sticky at all.
Earlier in the week I spied these grey patent platforms on the Topshop website and had to have them.They are just my cup of tea,I love a good platform,they instnt slim and elongate your leg,they come in nude also but I really love the grey.I tried them on as soon as they arrived and I have to say they are very easy to walk in,for me at least.They have a very high heel but I think the stap makes you feel more stable and therfore it is easier to walk.
Also from Topshop I picked up this ring,I`m not normally a ring fan but this caught my eye and I really like the peachy coloured stone against the gold detail.I should really wear rings more often but I seem to be more of a bracelet and watch kind of girl.
So thats my little 'haul' of sorts for the week,I hope everyone has had a great weekend,like I said mine was spent mainly working but I now have the next two weeks off (yay!) which means lots of shopping,sleeping and hopefully blogging for me! :)


  1. Ooo the ring is sooo pretty!!! xx

  2. Ooh just as you get the week off i start work :'( Jelous! Haha! I love everything you got especially the ring! Enjoy your time off! x

  3. SHOES! Those look amazing!!