Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Review...Less than impressed!

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Today I decided I would post my thoughts on one of Smashbox's most well known products,their Photo Finish Primer.I believe that Smashbox also do a similar oil free version of this primer which had I known about prior to picking up the regular version I would have chosen to purchase instead as I have normal-oily skin which is prone to break outs and blocked pores.

Whilst browsing Sephora on holiday in Vegas I decided I would give this primer a go,I have only ever tried out 3 primers in the past and had heard that Kim Kardashian swears by PF so from that alone I was basically sold!I decided to purchased the 'to go' version of the primer which contains 0.5 oz and sells for around $16 as the full sized version was pretty expensive and I wanted it to be something I knew I loved before shelling out any more cash.

For those of you that don`t know PF is a clear,gel formula which Smashbox claim will provide a perfect matte canvas for foundation.According to the Sephora website the formula contains vitamins and antioxidants and even promises to prevent the destruction or collagen and fill in fine lines.Sounds amazing right?

Wrong!Well for me at least anyway.

I began using PF regularly around 3 weeks ago but decided to wait until I had chance to try it under a range of foundations,with moisturiser and without and also in different temperatures.

Full of hope and promises of a shine free,flawless face I whipped out my PF for the first time and applied it over my moisturiser which I had let settle into my sin for at least 15 minutes.I then applied Chanel Mat Lumiere and powdered with Mac blot powder,I applied the rest of my makeup as usual and off to work I went.Immediately after application I did not notice any dramatic difference in how my foundation looked and I was little disappointed,I was expecting at least something,a smoother finish,hidden pores,maybe I was expecting too much?

Around an hour into my work shift I noticed I was looking oilier than usual,I found this strange as I don`t usually get oily so quickly and I had to go blot my face-something I hardly ever do.As the day went on my foundation became gradually worse and by the end of my working day (6 hours later) my face was a total mess.My nose had virtually no foundation left on it and my forehead was a patchy oil slick,not good.

The next day I decided to test out PF with my trusty Studio fix fluid,Mat lumiere doesn`t hold up as well on me as some of my other foundations so I pretty much blamed it for the previous disaster.Once again I headed to work feeling sure that I would remain oil free all day as I always do when I wear sff however the same thing happened again.After a few hours the make up on my nose was gone and I was an oil slick everywhere else,I was amazed and horrified.Normally I can wear sff when set with either sf powder or blot powder and remain shine free for hours on end but not only was I shiny my foundation had literally melted off my face.

Not being one to give up I decided that I would persevere with my PF and decided that maybe it was just the increase in temperature or some sort of random hormonal imbalance that was the cause of my makeup disasters over the past couple of days.Over the next fortnight I tried various ways of wearing PF,with and without my moisturiser,under a variety of foundations and powders all to end up with the same disastrous outcome.Even more disastrous was that I began to break out after a couple of days of using PF but had been trying out a new cleanser at the same time and had not realised that PF was the cause until I had stopped using my new cleanser after blaming that for the outbreak of acne.

3 weeks on and I have finally given up on PF and will be giving it away to whoever I can palm it off on!I have read so many mixed reviews on this product since buying it so obviously it works for some,unfortunately just not me.In the mean time I have been left with a face full of acne and blocked pores to tackle.I hate to give a product a totally negative review but I honestly have nothing good to say about PF,its expensive,it made me break out,it increased oil production and made my makeup melt of 10x quicker than usual.If your thinking of purchasing then I definitely recommend trying out the smaller,travel sized version first-I`m glad I did!

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