Sunday, 5 June 2011

Clothing,accessories and shoe haul...

As I mentioned in a previous post I have been planning on doing my first 'proper' fashion haul.Recently I have been trying to add to my spring/summer wardrobe and have been focusing on fashion more than makeup.As a result I have a 'few' new pieces to share with you.Everything is from Topshop unless stated otherwise.

First up is knitware,on the left is a bat wing cardigan that I thought would be very versatile and great for days when you need to cover up but don't want something too heavy.The colour of this cardigan sold me really,its not showing true to life in the photograph but its actually a lovely dark raspberry colour,I plan on wearing this with jeans,shorts,pretty much everything!On the right is a cream,slouchy knit jumper which once again I think will prove to be very versatile,I`ve already worn it with jeans but it looks equally as good with denim shorts,it cost £26 which I don`t think is too bad for Topshop! I originally saw this t-shirt online and immediately loved it so the next time I visited my local Topshop I was thrilled to see they had it in stock.I absolutely adore the cut out shoulders,you can`t really tell from my photograph but basically its a regular t-shirt shape with the shoulders cut away and sleeves still attached.Its a really cool concept and I love the cross design.I think this top will be fab tucked into high waisted shorts,skirts or even just paired with jeans.On the right is a peach collared button down shirt which I also think will be look good paired with anything high waisted. The following items I definitely won`t be wearing together I just found it easier to photograph them this way.I love these rose denim shorts,there so pretty I was also tempted to buy the jeans in the same colour.I`m not sure where I`m going to wear these yet but hopefully we will have a really hot day and I can team them with a simple white top and my military boots.The jacket was a bit of a random purchase,I wasn`t planning on a jacket but I`m sure I will get plenty of wear out of it as the weather is still rather dull where I live.I adore the three quarter length sleeve and the grey is a lot softer in person.This photo does not do is justice so I`m hoping to include it in an OOTD post soon.

I have always been more of a bag girl but lately I have become seriously addicted to buying shoes.I love these nude peep toe platforms from Topshop,they will go with literally everything and are surprisingly comfortable considering they have such a high heel.I think everyone needs a good pair of nude platforms in their wardrobe,or at least that's my justification!

A couple of hair accessories I have picked up recently,I love this sweet bow hair tie from Topshop and got a few compliments when I wore it to work last week.I have to have my hair up at work so its nice to have an interesting hair accessory.I bought this a couple of weeks ago but noticed they also have a bright pink version in now also.The lace hair band is from Accessorize and I am yet to wear it,I do love it but I'm just not sure how to wear it.

On to another pair of shoes, I have nothing but good things to say about these wedges from Office,I already own the black version of these and after wearing them none stop on holiday and realising how comfy they are I decided to purchase them in coral.I could literally walk for miles in these shoes and they go with pretty much anything,the coral colour are especially great for the summer.

Below are a few summer inspired purchases,first of the white/cream denim waistcoat which I thought would be fab to throw over maxi dresses and team with floral skirts.I really wanted a denim waistcoat last year but never got around to buying one so I was glad to get my hands on this.I bought the skirt to wear casual with a plain white vest tucked in and sandals and finally the stripped collared shirt is the same style as the peach one pictured previously but I loved the striped version also and again this will be great with high waisted denim shorts

Some Topshop fans may have seen a similar version of this play suit which has been around for a while now in stores and on the topshop website.The original version has a camel coloured top and black shorts but I much prefer this camel and white version-its much fresher!I also can`t get enough of peter pan collars.On the right is a dress which is part of the Topshop 'dress up' range which features a range of 'going out' dresses,I love the colour of this particular dress (I`m a sucker for anything nudey/pink) and I also love the detailing on the straps.I just need somewhere to wear it now!

Finally are another pair of Office shoes,I have been after these suede wedges for absolutely ages but couldn't`t get my hands on them in my size anywhere!Pixie Lott was recently pictured wearing the blue version so maybe that had something do with them being sold out absolutely everywhere!Anyway I finally managed to track them down last week and I love them,I can`t wait to wear them out,I think they will be especially nice with play suits.

So that's pretty much all of the clothing I`ve purchased over the past 3-4 weeks or so,I`m going to be posting my first outfit of the day posts this week so watch out for those if your interested.I think I`m going through a bit of a clothing phase at the moment as opposed to makeup,it seems I often do this,am I the only one?I`m also really loving fashion based blogs and watching clothing hauls on youtube,if anyone has any recommendations for great blogs or channels then do let me know.I hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know if you would like to see more clothing hauls in the future.

Thanks for reading!