Sunday, 5 June 2011

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Review

Hi again,I'm back with the first of a few product reviews I have planned,coming up soon I will be giving my thoughts on

  • James Brown Photo fabulous intensive treatment

  • Chanel Mat lumiere

  • Make up Forever-Smokey lash mascara,Hd foundation and concealer palette

But for now I`m kicking things off with my review of the popular Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.Now I`ve never personally seen this available in any UK stores although I am aware it is much more easy to find in the US and I have also heard it can be found in Sally's.I purhcased my tube from Ebay just by typing the name into the search box and buying from the cheapest and most reliable seller.I think I paid about £7-8 including postage although from what I have read on other reviews it is much cheaper to buy in the US costing about $5-or so I have read.So far I have used this product 5 times which I think is a decent amount of time to wait before voicing my opinion however I will of course update if my views change.

The mask claims to 'dry up acne pimples,rinse away black heads and shrink enlarged pores'


  • Cheap-ish,I paid more than the average person but even so the price was very reasonable

  • Left skin feeling smoother and softer immediately after use

  • Noticeable shrinkage of pores

  • Improved skin tone

  • Easy to apply

  • None offensive smell


  • Had to be purchased online

  • Made my face feel tight,moisturising afterwards is deffinetly required and may not be suitable for dry skin

  • Seemed to bring under the skin spots to the surface

I start with a clean,dry face and apply a thin layer of the mask all over my face and neck,the mask is very thick so little product is needed for a full coverage.At first I can feel a tingling sensation especially in the areas where my pores are largest for example my cheeks.After a few minutes the tingling stops and the mask begins to dry,I usually leave it on about ten minutes as I`m very impatient.I find the mask easy to remove and after a few rinses all of the product is gone.Straight away I can feel my face is much smoother and softer,I then tend to look in the mirror and notice my skin looks more matte and my pores appear tighter.I like to apply moisturiser straight after removing the mask as in the past I have noticed after an hour or so my skin feels slightly tight and uncomfortable,ensuring I apply moisturiser means this is never a problem however I`m not sure how well very dry skin types would get along with this drying effect.I would say this product is more suited to those with normal,combination skin and those will oily skin will love it for its drying properties and the decrease in pore visibility.

One minor problem I have with this mask is that each time I use it a spot seems to surface over night.It seems as if this mask is pushing all of the rubbish from under my skin to the surface so I`m not complaining as my skin will probably benefit in the long run although I would rather it stopped spots forming althogether rather than bringing them to the surface.

Overall I would highly reccomend this mask to those with combination/oily skin and those with enlarged pores as this is fabulous at drying up oil and tightening pores.Its also great for those who want to even out there skin tone.If you are hoping for an acne cure however then I wouldn't expect any miracles when it comes to getting rid of spots and those with dry skin may find this makes the condition worse. Personally I will continue using the mask and see how my skin reacts further as the pore minimsing effect is just to good to pass up and the mattifying effect provides a great base for makeup.Based on my use of the product so far I would give it a very healthy 3/5

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