Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tag:15 Random Facts

I was tagged by the lovely blogger and friend of mine Christina to do the '15 Random Facts' tag that is currently popping up among many beauty bloggers.I found this post harder than I first thought to be honest,I mean it seems easy right but when I tried to think of 15 things my mind drew a blank.Maybe I am just not that interesting!I tag anyone who happens to be reading and I hope you enjoy reading my 15 random facts...

1.I have been with my current boyfriend since I was 13!
Well that is not strictly true as we were on off for around a year but yep for the most part I have been with my boyfriend since I was 13-7 years next month!

2.My favourite recording artist and performer of all time is without question Michael Jackson.
Yes I know he was a little...quirky...ok he was damn right strange!But I absolutely love his music and him,I will not have a bad word said about him haha,just ask my family.My boyfriend and I actually had tickets to see him at the 02 but sadly we all know how that ended.

3.I am a shopaholic!
I am not exaggerating,If I could I would literally spend every day shopping, wether it be for makeup,clothes,beauty products I wouldn't care,heck I even enjoy grocery shopping!I have deffinetly inherited this from my mam as she is exactly the same.

4.I am obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio
I can`t quite believe I`m admitting this but I have been in love since I was about 6 haha!To me he is THE most gorgeous man that ever lived-after my boyfriend,if he ever reads this ;) So he has aged a bit but I don`t care,Titanic is my favourite film ever,I also love him in Catch me if you can and of course Romeo and Juliet.I am such a nerd.

5.I am a Beauty Therapist
Not alot to say about this one,I studied Beauty Therapy at college after doing my a-levels at my school's 6th form and now work in a local salon.Its not my dream job but it will do for now.Truth is I`m not entirely sure where I want to end up in life.

6.I saw Lady Gaga at the 02 In December...
And she was fab!I wasn`t a massive fan before but I deffinetly am now.I went as part of my Christmas works do' and I have to say she was blimmin fantastic,she may be totally nuts but she is so talented.

7.Im visiting Las Vegas in April
I turn 21 on the 17th of April and as I have always wanted to visit America my boyfriend and I decided to book up to go to Vegas.I am so excited I can not describe!

8.I have 2 pets..
I have a Bedlington Terrier named Zak and an 8 year old cat named Pheobe.I chose both names incase anyone was wondering haha :P

9.I have never broke a bone,had a filling or lost a tooth..
Other than my baby teeth of course!

10.I have anxiety attacks...
Which obviously I hate and anyone who suffers from them too will understand why I`m sure!

11.I prefer staying in to going out..
Does that make me boring?When I saying going out I mean 'nights out'.Dont get me wrong every now and again is great but I much prefer a day of shopping,pampering or just chilling out to a drunken night out.Maybe I am just getting old!

12.I am a total chocoholic!
I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth,especially when chocolate is concerned.I love marzipan and Afer Eights.Ok now I sound REALLY old,its true though!

13.I am currently Learning to drive..
My test is next month...I am dreading it even though I know I`m capable

14.I really want a Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 35 handbag..
Who knows,maybe I will get one for my upcoming birthday-but probably not,a girl can wish

15.I love my family!
Of course I probably don`t tell or show them it as much as I should do but my family really do mean the world to me.Where would be without them?


  1. good luck for your driving test =) i loved reading your facts, it's literally like my writing my facts =) xx

  2. I prefer staying in to going out too. And ditto on the anxiety attacks, not pleasant!Good luck for your driving test x

  3. Good luck with the driving :) xx

  4. Ah loved this! You didn't sound like a nerd at all :P Good luck with the driving test. I asked for some for my 18th.. not quite sure if i will get any but like you said a girl can wish ;) x

  5. And wow, so lucky you get to go to Vegas. Have fun!

  6. @xXxStundonxXx Thankyou! :)xxx

    @Christina Marie Thanks!Fingers crossed for both of us then haha I doubt I will get my bag though :( Oh well maybe one day! xx

  7. Congratulations on your 7 years! And best of luck for your driving test :) xx

  8. Hey girlie!
    WOW you seriously have been with your boyfriend since you were 13? That's pretty amazing! Congratulations!
    I hope you do well on your driving test. I know I still hate driving. I'm always on edge when I do.
    I see that you've only just started your blog, and it looks really great! I don't want to sound like I'm spamming you, but I just opened mine like yesterday lol. If you get a chance maybe you can check it out :)

  9. Thankyou!Yeah 7 years give or take haha ;)I just checked out your blog,following back :)xx