Sunday, 13 February 2011

To dye or not to dye!...

For the past 2-3 months I have been debating having a total change of hair colour.Since late 2008 I have had very dark brown hair which by the Summer of 2009 was pretty much black.Don`t get me wrong I was once happy with my hair colour and for a long time however I think it may be time for a change.I like being dark but sometimes feel its just a bit harsh.This is my hair colour now,obviously I am the dark haired girl :)
The thing holding me back from taking the plunge is the fear it will turn out horrendously bad and I will hate it also the fact that I`m not entirely sure what to go for.My friends have suggested red but I don`t want to go down that route as its so popular at the minute and don`t get me wrong red hair is gorgeous but I don`t fancy the up keep either.So that brings me on to my next option a mid tone brown with lots of highlights?I used to be super blonde back in the day beleive it or not and I DO NOT wish to ever go back to my bleached blonde ways however it might be fun to have the odd highlight.Here are a few pics of (imo) some truly gorgeous hair do's,check em out.

Realistically I don`t think I am ever going to be fair haired again,the second and third pics are probably a step to light for me.Although I have blue eyes they are very dark and my eyebrows are also pretty dark plus my skin has a yellow undertone so I think I would have to be very careful.As you can see my hair is ultra dark which means when I do change my colour its going to be a bit of a nightmare.I`ve been told I need to have the black stripped out by one hairdresser and that I can lighten gradually by another so as you can imagine I am very confused.I absolutely love Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr's hair in the first and last pictures and think this is probably along the lines of something I would go for,although I`m sure I will never have hair as perfect as theirs.What do you guys think?Have any of you every gone from super dark to light or vice versa and should I take the chance and just go for it?
P.S Please can I just be Miranda Kerr in that last photograph,she is to die for!


  1. Your hair does look lovely dark but then it is always nice to have a change! I Get bored of my hair way too easily and am always changing it. If you want to go for it then bite the bullet and do it! x

  2. I love your hair! However the third pic is a gorgeous colour! x

  3. Thanks both of you :)I used to change my colour all the time when I was younger I don`t know whats wrong with me now haha,I`ve become so attatched lol x

  4. yes! i was darkest brown and was actually shooting for adrianna lima's color, but it did not come out the way i expected... i actually cried (seriously haha) now i am jet black and plan on staying this way for a while! (even though i have a wish to go super bleach blonde but that would really KILL my hair!!)

  5. Oh no,I`ve had many hairdresser disasters over the years so I feel your pain!At least you have it sorted now though.I think I will stay dark for a while now,I have a total love/hate relationship with my hair colour lol.