Thursday, 3 February 2011

My current skin care routine:Clinique 3 Step

As the title would suggest I am currently using the 3 step skin care routine from Clinique,I am using the level 3 formula which is designed for combination/oily skin which is exactly what I have however in the winter months I do tend to lean towards having a combination of dry and oily areas.Nice right!Not.

Anyway,I first started using clinique skin care about 6 months ago,yes I know its been around for donkies but to be honest I was reluctant to spend so much money on skincare and having done so in the past with no benefit to my skin.I decided to purchase a sample size kit which cost me £10,I have acne prone skin which really gets me down sometimes and had heard mixed reviews about 3step so I wasn't expecting miracles. However,after just one use my skin was more comfortable,appeared smoother and was feeling generally healthier.I continued to purchase the samle sized sets up untill christmas when I splurged and bought the huge kit for £60 offering me a large sized cleanser,lotion and moisturiser plus another sample size kit.

I have been using 3 step continuously since Christmas and while I am impressed it has not changed my life in terms of my acne.I still have it and while it was only ever moderate to start with I am always on the look out for some sort of miracle cleanser.I will continue to use 3 step until it runs out and I will repurchase the moisturiser which is the best I have ever used and reccomend to anyone however I will continue to try new cleansers and see what else is on the market,who knows I may one day come back to clinique!


  1. I really, really want to try this. I have oily/dry skin too. I have the mini cleanser and i really like it but like you i'm a bit put off by the price. If they still have sample sets i'll give it a go though x

  2. I've wanted to try the moisturiser for ages and now you've convinced me :)
    Now following xx

  3. Its lovely and a good base for foundation too :)Thank you for following!xx

  4. I had a sample size one given to me for free at a Clinique counter once Christina.I don`t know if all counters are so generous but worth a try :) xx

  5. I have the 3 step system, But the cleanser just burns my skin! I hate it, but love the moisturizer!
    Anyway You have a lovely Blog here! Hope it goes well for you x Was sent here By Christina.. :) x

  6. Aw thanks for reading :)I`m just getting started obviously but hopefully wont be long til I`m in the swing of it haha.xx