Thursday, 10 February 2011

Impulse buying-Guerlian Blush 'G'

Just a quick post( during what may possibly be THE most stressful week at work I have ever encountered) to tell you about a spur of the moment makeup purchase I made on Sunday.This is the Guerlain Blush G from their Spring 2011 collections which hit counters recently.

Now let me tell you I normally do hours of reserach on a product and debate it for weeks before I actually purchase (especially one so expensive!).However whilst browsing the make up counters In House Of Fraser on Sunday afternoon I was drawn to the Guerlain counter and particualrly this blush.As you can see it is made up of 4 shades ranging from a vibrant peach to a subtle pink.Mixed together and swatched they create a goregeous corally shade but sweep it onto your cheeks and you have the most natural,healthy glow possible.Apply a little heavier and you have a bright peach/coral blush that is unique to my ever growing blush collection at least.What I find special about this product is that I need no other form of highlighter whilst wearing this as it seems to lift my face instantly and give me a natural glow. At £41.50 this is by no means cheap,infact its the most expesnive blush I have ever owned and probably ever will.To be honest it is possibly the most expensive makeup item I own full stop!However to me it is honestly like nothing else I own and I mean look at it it is beautiful!It comes with a gorgeous square brush with hot pink bristles which I probably wont ever use but is nice to have and a velvet pouch to help keep it safe.The compact comes with a mirror and the blush its self lifts up to reveal a compartment underneath where the brush is stored.Even if you don`t consider purchasing I deffinetly reccoment that you just go and take a look at this blush and the rest of Gurlains's Spring collection,there were also some really pretty lipglosses that caught my eye,a coral one in paticular but after spending so much on this blush I had to contain myself!
I am hoping to begin posting some FOTD's very soon so watch out for my use of this product in those,I have worn it everyday this week and for anyone who collects/loves blush this really is an amazing addition to your collection.


  1. Wow expensive but it looks SO pretty! x

  2. Oh my that blush is gorgeous! Yeah, it's a bit expensive, but you're pretty much getting 4 blushes in one product, so I think the versatility makes it worth it.