Saturday, 12 February 2011

Saturday Summary!

Happy Saturday!
Without doubt Saturday is my favourite day of the week and for me it usually means shopping,shopping and more shopping.Today was no different,I visited the Metro centre and tonight has been spent relaxing and mainly watching t.v.I received my favourite self tan 'Xen Tan' in the post this morning so when I`m done with this post I have a little tanning session planned.Im going for a meal to celebrate Valentines day tomorrow evening as I work til 8 weekdays and I also plan to start using my ebay account again,I have so many clothes I don`t wear anymore that are just sitting there when I could be making money.I actually used to ebay alot,infact I ebayed the majority of my wardrobe when I lost a lot of weight in 2009 and I really want to get back to some 'serious' ebaying lol.
Anyway,I thought I would post a few pictures of my purchases today.I back to mac'd for 'Lovelorn' lipstick which was a totally random decision,I was about to leave when I realised I had enough empties to return and I had no idea what lipstick I wanted.When I got to the Mac counter Lovelorn took my fancy,I haven`t worn it yet but it seems like it will make a very wearable,everyday, mid tone pink.I also purchased club and naked lunch eye shadows,naked lunch I have wanted for ages and I have been dying to get my hands on club after I watched pixi2woo's Mila Kunis makeup tutorial.My final makeup purchase was the YSL touche eclat,I have owned this before and loved it but as its so pricey I never repurchased.I finally decided to buy another after having several comments on how tired I look this week.Nice eh!?

(Lovelorn looks more of a hot pink here but I took this at night so the colour is slightly off )
As I mentioned in a previous post Im off on holiday In April so I decided to have a look for some flat sandles I could wear both during the day and at night (I know its still February but I like to be organised lol).I found the white pair in Topshop and the tan diamonte ones in River Island where I also bought some highly boring work clothes that I haven`t bothered to photograph.I love both of these and for once I know I will actually get my use out of something.
Hope everyone has had an equally good Saturday as me and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Love your purchases thos little bow shoes are adorable! I love Pixiwoo btw :D x