Sunday, 27 February 2011

Revlon and Topshop goodies...

This week I have been mainly working however today I popped into town for a spot of shopping and I also ordered a few things online which arrived a few days ago.Most of what I have been buying lately has been clothes as I`m trying to prepare for my holiday and the warmer weather which I am patiently waiting for! Unfortunatly I have found it pretty difficult to get any decent pictures when it comes to clothing so I am planning to do a few OOTD posts in the hope of showing them off a little better.
I stopped by the Revlon stand in Boots this afternoon and as there is currently a 3 for 2 offer I decided to pick up two nail polishes,on the left is grey suede which is not very grey but is a gorgeous nude and pink pastel which is a pale lilac-pink.I have actually never tried Revlon nail polish before as I usually prefer OPI just because its what I`m used to working with in the salon.Im not a nail polish snob though!I love Barry M polishes and I`m hoping I will love these too.The colours are SO pretty!I also chose a lipgloss in the shade Pink Crystals,a lovely peachy,pink with subtle shimmer.These are actually my favourite 'drugstore' lipglosses and I also own the shade peach petal which is an absolute must for a lipgloss fan.They have a doe foot aplicator and a very smooth consistancy,not sticky at all.
Earlier in the week I spied these grey patent platforms on the Topshop website and had to have them.They are just my cup of tea,I love a good platform,they instnt slim and elongate your leg,they come in nude also but I really love the grey.I tried them on as soon as they arrived and I have to say they are very easy to walk in,for me at least.They have a very high heel but I think the stap makes you feel more stable and therfore it is easier to walk.
Also from Topshop I picked up this ring,I`m not normally a ring fan but this caught my eye and I really like the peachy coloured stone against the gold detail.I should really wear rings more often but I seem to be more of a bracelet and watch kind of girl.
So thats my little 'haul' of sorts for the week,I hope everyone has had a great weekend,like I said mine was spent mainly working but I now have the next two weeks off (yay!) which means lots of shopping,sleeping and hopefully blogging for me! :)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Stuck In A Foundation Rut!

Lately I have found myself to be stuck in somewhat of a foundation rut.I tend to be alternating between Mac studio fix fluid and Estee Lauder's double wear,both great foundations yet both far from perfect.I think the main reason I have been so reluctant to try a new foundation is the fact that in the past I have often ended up being colour matched incorrectly or ended up buying a foundation that I totally hated for one reason or another.I do buy drugstore products but I am a little reluctant when it comes to foundation.I find that generally the high end ones do a better job however that doesn`t mean that I haven`t purchased a £20 plus foundation before and ended up wearing it about twice!
For me a foundation has to be...
  • Good coverage!I have far from perfect skin and to be honest even if I did I would still probably choose a decent coverage foundation.I am however on the look out for the perfect light weight foundation for summer as I can`t stand the feel of foundation on a red hot day,not that we get many where I live.
  • None cakiness,I can`t stand cakey foundations that look heavy-well who can?This is often something I experience unfortunatly as I do like a good coverage
  • Long wearing and suitable for combination skin-It is an absolute essential that my foundation is long wearing.I don`t mind having an alternative that doesn`t last forever but for work and nights out I need to be able to rely on my foundation to last
  • Colour match-finding the right shade can make or break a foundation and I often find it difficult to match foundations to my skin tone,MU counter lighting can be very deceiving!

I am determined to get out of my boring foundation routine and experiment,whatever the cost!As I am positive there are many products on the market that I will like just as much if not better than my current foundations.Another problem I have is access to brands,for example my nearest Nars counter is over 2 hours away!So,as you can imagine I have a hard time actually getting to the counters to get matched and I have had such terrible mismatched foundation shades before I have literally laughed when the MA has 'matched' me up!
Below are a few foundations that I have been debating trying out,from top to bottom we have Lancome Teint Miracle,Dior Nude,Chanel Mat Lumiere and Nars sheer matte.I also really want to try Makeup Forever's HD and Mat Velvet foundation but I will have to wait until Im in the US as its hard to get hold of them in the UK and I an totally clueless as to what shade I require.Have any of my readers tried these foundations before?what is your all time favourite foundation? and have you had any bad experiences like myself with colour matching?Let me know..... :)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

NOTD:OPI My Private jet

OPI's my private jet is one of my favourite shades ever and this shimmery dark grey is probably the darkest I can go in terms of nail polish.It might just be me but I have always felt like I don`t suit black nail polish,MPJ however is the perfect dark polish for me.I purchased this about a year and a half ago after hearing Kim Kardashian mention it on an episode of Keeping Up,very sad indeed but I am glad I did,its lovely.I reccomend it to everyone but especialy those who feel they cant wear black but want to try a dark polish.

Please excuse my very sloppy application,if you are thinking 'looks like she applied it in the dark' you wouldn`t be wrong.I actually wore this on my nails a few days this past week and applied it under my bedside lamp at about 1am!For some reason I always get the urge to paint my nails just before bed,how rediculous.Anyway despite my sloppy (considering its my job!) application I love to wear MPJ,it goes with absolutely everything!

My new skin care routine...

I know I blogged not so long ago about how I was using the Clinique 3 step system and while I do still like it I wasn`t really seeing any improvement with my acne which Is the main reason I purchased the 3 step.I really like the moisturising gel and the face wash did leave my skin looking and feeling clean and soft but on a whim I decided enough was enough and I was going to just cut out as many products as possible and try a more basic routine.

For the past two weeks I have been using the Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser which does an excellent job of removing every last trace of makeup and cleaning my face.It lathers really nicely and you only need a small amount.This product was actually included in a free gift box full of products I was given when I bought my 3step at Christmas and at the time I thought I would never use it but now I am loving it,it hasn`t dried out my skin or made me break out,infact my skin has got MUCH better however that may be down to my new medication.....

About a fortnight ago I decided enough was enough and I headed off to the doctors to request some new acne medication.I`ve tried a few creams for acne before and even resorted to the pill last year but I had alot of side effects so I came off that.This time however I was given 2 months worth of Oxytetracycline tablets and I have to say they are working!Don`t get me wrong I still have far from perfect skin but these tablets really have made a difference.I only have mild acne,or so I`m told,but it really gets me down so to see any improvement has been fab.I really wanted to share this with anyone who may be in the same boat as me as I know how having acne no matter how bad can really affect your confidence.

Another change to my routine has been my moisturiser,I am now using Cetaphil lotion which I purchased last summer and was not all that impressed with at the time.I remember finding it a little greasy and it just diddn`t do anything for me so it has been unloved and unused ever since.A few weeks ago however I decided to give it another go and to my surprise it is really working for me now.It gives a great base for makeup,is not too greasy and is just working for me now for some reason.I will still use my clinique moisturiser but for now I am really rating Cetaphil.

Another change I have made to my face routine is fake tan,I`d been avoiding fake tan since Christmas as I wanted to save myself some money and thought I would give the natural look a go aka. deathly white!Needless to say about 6 weeks on and I`m back on the tan,if it makes me feel better about my appearance then it is worth it in my opinion.Before I tan I use St Ives apricot scrub,I use it about twice a week,no more.I don`t think this scrub is anything special and I try to use it as little as possible as I`m paranoid it will irritate my skin however it does do a decent job of getting rid of any dead skin and making my face feel lovely and smooth!

Other items included in my skin care routine are my lush lip scrub which I could not live without.Yes I know you can make your own or use a toothbrush but personally I have tried the toothbrush technique and I`m not a fan also Lush makes such lovely flavours why not.This one is the bubblegum version,I use it probably 3 times a week and it works amazingly.

Clinique's all about eyes eye cream is another product included in the free gift box I mentioned earlier.It is a great base for makeup and allows my concealer to glide on smoothly.I don`t know if I would purchase the full size as its quite expensive (over £20) but this is a pretty generous sample size so I suspect It will last me a very long time.

So there you have it,pretty much everything I am using on my face at present.From now on I am going to try and avoid any products that are designed for acne prone or any specific skin type,combination,oily,etc.I am beginning to think they just create more problems and do more damage than good.

Saturday night...

For some reason posting that as my title has reminded me of the 90`s song by some girl with a pink bath towel on her head that we would perform a dance routine to at every party we attended aged about 6!Anyone remember that,or maybe just me?
Anway moving on...
Last night I went out for an Italian with my boyfriend and his parents to celebrate his new job and afterwards we headed into town to meet our friends for drinks.I know the quality of these photo's are dreadful but I just got an iphone 4 on Friday and got a bit snap happy.I`ve never even owned an ipod before so I was pretty excited to get my hands on an iphone.
I chose to wear this cream lace,skater type dress which I purchased in Topshop this week along with thick black tights and my Topshop platform shoe boots which get a lot of love from me.I was originally planning to wear my nude Topshop platforms and no tights but it snowed where I live yesterday and was also raining,the dress is pretty short too and as I was going for a meal with the boyfriends parents I thought better of it and put a pair of tights on.I do however plan on taking this number on my hols and think it will look nice with a pair of tan sandals and a cropped denim jacket.I like when going out outfits double up into daytime looks and vice versa!Not that you can tell from the rubbish photo but I`m wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear in shell beige,hoola bronzer by Benefit,peaches blush by Mac,woodwinked,sable and brule eyeshadows by Mac,L'Oreal Voluminous mascara,Urban Decay liner in zero anddddd YSL tea rose lipstick which I have rekindled my love for.
Oh and I have to mention my favourite lashes which I am also wearing.They are the Sarah Harding Girls Aloud lashes.Deffinetly the best of the bunch.I have pretty big eyes and these are just the right length for me they are also not too long as I can`t stand rediculously ott lashes.One thing I do not like though is the eyelure glue!Is it me or has it got worse?I deffinetly need to purchase some duo glue.

Estee Lauder Treats...

Yesterday I asked my mam to pick me up a bottle of one of my favourite winter foundations while she was in town as I was in need of the next shade up due to the tanning I`ve been doing lately.The foundation in question was Estee Lauder's Double Wear,I alternate between the shades Tawny and Shell Beige,Tawny being the lighter of the two.

My mam decided to treat me to another bottle as there is currently a free gift with purchase so not only did I get 2 foundations I also received this bag of goodies thanks to my mam.Im not 100% sure what you had to spend in order to receieve the free gift but I have a feeling it was a buy 2 make up products get it free deal.I`m not normally treated to things like make up,clothes etc by my parents these days so this of course was a lovely treat for me.

Anyway on to the goodies...
Inside the blue stripey cosmetic bag (which is very good quality may I add) is....

Take it away makeup remover

Pure colour eyeshadow quad

Idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher

Hydrationist maximum moisture creme

Sumptuous mascara

Double wear eyeliner

Lipstick in pink parfait

Out of the products included I have only tried the double wear eyeliner which is infact one of my favourite pencil liners.It lasts for hours and is very black I would recomend it to everyone.I have tried the double wear mascara before and I really rate it so I am excited to try the Sumptuous mascara,I have heard good things about this on blogs so I can`t wait to test it out.As for the other products I am most looking forward to testing out the pore minimizing lotion,I have quite visible pores so I am a good candidate!

I think its great when companies do free gift with purchase or minimum spend deals as its a perfect way to test out new products you may have never thought to try.Its great when something unexpected works out for you and we all like to get a reward especially since high end makeup can be so pricey.I`m interested to know if any of my readers have come across any good makeup deals lately and what 'free' products unexpectedly worked out for you?

Sunday, 13 February 2011

To dye or not to dye!...

For the past 2-3 months I have been debating having a total change of hair colour.Since late 2008 I have had very dark brown hair which by the Summer of 2009 was pretty much black.Don`t get me wrong I was once happy with my hair colour and for a long time however I think it may be time for a change.I like being dark but sometimes feel its just a bit harsh.This is my hair colour now,obviously I am the dark haired girl :)
The thing holding me back from taking the plunge is the fear it will turn out horrendously bad and I will hate it also the fact that I`m not entirely sure what to go for.My friends have suggested red but I don`t want to go down that route as its so popular at the minute and don`t get me wrong red hair is gorgeous but I don`t fancy the up keep either.So that brings me on to my next option a mid tone brown with lots of highlights?I used to be super blonde back in the day beleive it or not and I DO NOT wish to ever go back to my bleached blonde ways however it might be fun to have the odd highlight.Here are a few pics of (imo) some truly gorgeous hair do's,check em out.

Realistically I don`t think I am ever going to be fair haired again,the second and third pics are probably a step to light for me.Although I have blue eyes they are very dark and my eyebrows are also pretty dark plus my skin has a yellow undertone so I think I would have to be very careful.As you can see my hair is ultra dark which means when I do change my colour its going to be a bit of a nightmare.I`ve been told I need to have the black stripped out by one hairdresser and that I can lighten gradually by another so as you can imagine I am very confused.I absolutely love Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr's hair in the first and last pictures and think this is probably along the lines of something I would go for,although I`m sure I will never have hair as perfect as theirs.What do you guys think?Have any of you every gone from super dark to light or vice versa and should I take the chance and just go for it?
P.S Please can I just be Miranda Kerr in that last photograph,she is to die for!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Saturday Summary!

Happy Saturday!
Without doubt Saturday is my favourite day of the week and for me it usually means shopping,shopping and more shopping.Today was no different,I visited the Metro centre and tonight has been spent relaxing and mainly watching t.v.I received my favourite self tan 'Xen Tan' in the post this morning so when I`m done with this post I have a little tanning session planned.Im going for a meal to celebrate Valentines day tomorrow evening as I work til 8 weekdays and I also plan to start using my ebay account again,I have so many clothes I don`t wear anymore that are just sitting there when I could be making money.I actually used to ebay alot,infact I ebayed the majority of my wardrobe when I lost a lot of weight in 2009 and I really want to get back to some 'serious' ebaying lol.
Anyway,I thought I would post a few pictures of my purchases today.I back to mac'd for 'Lovelorn' lipstick which was a totally random decision,I was about to leave when I realised I had enough empties to return and I had no idea what lipstick I wanted.When I got to the Mac counter Lovelorn took my fancy,I haven`t worn it yet but it seems like it will make a very wearable,everyday, mid tone pink.I also purchased club and naked lunch eye shadows,naked lunch I have wanted for ages and I have been dying to get my hands on club after I watched pixi2woo's Mila Kunis makeup tutorial.My final makeup purchase was the YSL touche eclat,I have owned this before and loved it but as its so pricey I never repurchased.I finally decided to buy another after having several comments on how tired I look this week.Nice eh!?

(Lovelorn looks more of a hot pink here but I took this at night so the colour is slightly off )
As I mentioned in a previous post Im off on holiday In April so I decided to have a look for some flat sandles I could wear both during the day and at night (I know its still February but I like to be organised lol).I found the white pair in Topshop and the tan diamonte ones in River Island where I also bought some highly boring work clothes that I haven`t bothered to photograph.I love both of these and for once I know I will actually get my use out of something.
Hope everyone has had an equally good Saturday as me and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Self tanners,my tips,tricks and thoughts...

If there is one beauty product I can not live without it is a good self tanner!I live in the North East of England where the sun shines for around a week a year so understandably I am naturally rather pale.I do tan easily when I sunbathe but like I said,sunshine is a rare sight for me,especially at this time of year.Because of this I love to fake tan and have been using a variety of brands to get my glow since the age of about 16.As I`m such a fan of the stuff I thought I would do a post sharing my thoughts on various brands and how I apply them.

Products and tools I use when tanning:

  • exfoliating gloves
  • soap
  • good quality razor
  • latex gloves
  • kabuki brush
  • St Tropez
  • Xen Tan
  • Fake Bake
  • Boots soltan quick drying moose
  • Dover summer glow
  • Fan or heater

1. Skin tone and type

You should always bare in mind your skin type when choosing a self tanner,for example moose formula's can be very drying so if your skin is on the dry side you may want to use a lotion.In my experience the most moisturising self tanner is the Xen Tan dark lotion,the St.Tropez lotion is also a good one for dry skin.For oily skin you could try the Boots Soltan quick dry moose which I use alot or if you want something more high end the St Tropez moose is also a good choice.

Skin tone plays a huge part in how the actual colour of your self tan will turn out.I like to use a self tanner with a strong olive undertone such as St Tropez or Xen tan,I find that L'Oreal self tanners for example do not work on my skin tone.Now do not get me wrong I`m sure they look great on some people but for me out of the three I have tried they do not look good.I think it is all a matter of trial and error and personal preferanc

2.Skin Preperation-Skin preperation is so important and exfoliation is a must if you want an even tan.I like to exfoliate using my soap and glory exfoliating gloves and good old soap two days in row prior to tanning.I find that these gloves (and probably any brand gloves) work better than any brand of exfoliator at removing any traces of old self tan and revealing new,smooth skin.I used to use an exfoliator by Soap and Glory which was the best one I have ever tried but to be honest my gloves and soap method works better and is alot cheaper also beware that exfoliators that contain salt can create a film on your skin even after you may think you have rinsed it off.This film can create a barrier between your skin and your self tanner therefore not allowing it to absorb properly.

It is also important to consider your hair removal method prior to tanning,if you shave then I would reccomend doing it the night before and using a good quality razor,this will ensure that you get the closest shave possible therefore increasing the time between shaves.You should aim to shave the day before tanning as self tan can gather in your pores and as a result make them more visible.Also remember to remove your deodrant and any other products that could cause a barrier between your skin and your self tan such as moisturisers or perfume

3.Application methods

Personally I like to use latex gloves to apply my self tan,I have used mitts and my bare hands but I feel that gloves make for the smoothest application.I think this is down to the fact that the latex used to make the gloves enables the lotion or moose to glide on to the skin efortlessly and is easier to spread.I like to start by appling tan to my arms,chest and legs and then move on to my stomach and back.I finish by tanning my face and neck using a kabuki brush,If you have visible pores you may find that self tan will settle into them,a good tip to avoid this is to splash your face with cold water and then use a toner,this will close your pores.Its also important to apply your self tan when your body is at the right temperture,applying it as soon as you step out of the shower is only going to make it difficult for your skin to absorb and easy for it to settle into your open pores.I don`t like to use self tan on my hands and feet as it is very easy to over do it.Instead I used a gradual self tanner such as Dove summer glow.Once I have finished I like to stand infront of my heater or fan (depending on the time of the year!) for as long as I can stand to help my tan sink in and dry.I then pop on some loose pj's and go to bed.

4.Development time

I like to let my tan develop for as long as possible,although I am guilty of leaving it until the last minute it is best to apply your tan a good few hours prior before going to bed.If you leave it until right before bed you are more likely to be sloppy in your aplication and you risk cutting down the amount of development time available,I like to get 12 hours if I can but its not always possible.Between tanning applications Its important to keep moisturising!I actually find it is easier to remove old traces of self taner if my skin is moisturised.Sometimes I will apply a gradual tanner in between tanning but the maximum between applying and removing a tan for me is usually a week depending on what tan I am using.Xen tan seems to have the best lasting power for me and wears off gracefully.Once of my beauty pet peaves is when self tan begins to 'crack' and wear off and its such an effort to get it all off and start again.Therefore a week is about the maximum I can go before the whole process starts again!

So those are my tips and thoughts on self tanning,they might seem pretty basic or maybe some of them are news to you.I hope this post was helpful and if you are a fan on the fake glow then happy tanning :)

Friday, 11 February 2011


For some reason posting my first 'FOTD' seems very daunting haha,however here it is.This is me ready for work a couple of days ago.I like to keep things pretty simple as I don`t ever have alot of time to get ready.My hair was pretty straight right after I blow dried it but I have alot of long layers in my hair and I like to use my straightener to turn in the ends.Also my fringe was not behaving this day as you can probably tell!Anyway moving on....

Products used.... Studio finish concealer (Mac),Double wear foundation (Estee Lauder),Melba blush (Mac),Hoola bronzer (Benefit),Plink lipstick (Mac),Woodwinked eyeshadow (Mac),24/7 liner (Urban Decay),L'oreal Million mascara

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Impulse buying-Guerlian Blush 'G'

Just a quick post( during what may possibly be THE most stressful week at work I have ever encountered) to tell you about a spur of the moment makeup purchase I made on Sunday.This is the Guerlain Blush G from their Spring 2011 collections which hit counters recently.

Now let me tell you I normally do hours of reserach on a product and debate it for weeks before I actually purchase (especially one so expensive!).However whilst browsing the make up counters In House Of Fraser on Sunday afternoon I was drawn to the Guerlain counter and particualrly this blush.As you can see it is made up of 4 shades ranging from a vibrant peach to a subtle pink.Mixed together and swatched they create a goregeous corally shade but sweep it onto your cheeks and you have the most natural,healthy glow possible.Apply a little heavier and you have a bright peach/coral blush that is unique to my ever growing blush collection at least.What I find special about this product is that I need no other form of highlighter whilst wearing this as it seems to lift my face instantly and give me a natural glow. At £41.50 this is by no means cheap,infact its the most expesnive blush I have ever owned and probably ever will.To be honest it is possibly the most expensive makeup item I own full stop!However to me it is honestly like nothing else I own and I mean look at it it is beautiful!It comes with a gorgeous square brush with hot pink bristles which I probably wont ever use but is nice to have and a velvet pouch to help keep it safe.The compact comes with a mirror and the blush its self lifts up to reveal a compartment underneath where the brush is stored.Even if you don`t consider purchasing I deffinetly reccoment that you just go and take a look at this blush and the rest of Gurlains's Spring collection,there were also some really pretty lipglosses that caught my eye,a coral one in paticular but after spending so much on this blush I had to contain myself!
I am hoping to begin posting some FOTD's very soon so watch out for my use of this product in those,I have worn it everyday this week and for anyone who collects/loves blush this really is an amazing addition to your collection.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tag:15 Random Facts

I was tagged by the lovely blogger and friend of mine Christina to do the '15 Random Facts' tag that is currently popping up among many beauty bloggers.I found this post harder than I first thought to be honest,I mean it seems easy right but when I tried to think of 15 things my mind drew a blank.Maybe I am just not that interesting!I tag anyone who happens to be reading and I hope you enjoy reading my 15 random facts...

1.I have been with my current boyfriend since I was 13!
Well that is not strictly true as we were on off for around a year but yep for the most part I have been with my boyfriend since I was 13-7 years next month!

2.My favourite recording artist and performer of all time is without question Michael Jackson.
Yes I know he was a little...quirky...ok he was damn right strange!But I absolutely love his music and him,I will not have a bad word said about him haha,just ask my family.My boyfriend and I actually had tickets to see him at the 02 but sadly we all know how that ended.

3.I am a shopaholic!
I am not exaggerating,If I could I would literally spend every day shopping, wether it be for makeup,clothes,beauty products I wouldn't care,heck I even enjoy grocery shopping!I have deffinetly inherited this from my mam as she is exactly the same.

4.I am obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio
I can`t quite believe I`m admitting this but I have been in love since I was about 6 haha!To me he is THE most gorgeous man that ever lived-after my boyfriend,if he ever reads this ;) So he has aged a bit but I don`t care,Titanic is my favourite film ever,I also love him in Catch me if you can and of course Romeo and Juliet.I am such a nerd.

5.I am a Beauty Therapist
Not alot to say about this one,I studied Beauty Therapy at college after doing my a-levels at my school's 6th form and now work in a local salon.Its not my dream job but it will do for now.Truth is I`m not entirely sure where I want to end up in life.

6.I saw Lady Gaga at the 02 In December...
And she was fab!I wasn`t a massive fan before but I deffinetly am now.I went as part of my Christmas works do' and I have to say she was blimmin fantastic,she may be totally nuts but she is so talented.

7.Im visiting Las Vegas in April
I turn 21 on the 17th of April and as I have always wanted to visit America my boyfriend and I decided to book up to go to Vegas.I am so excited I can not describe!

8.I have 2 pets..
I have a Bedlington Terrier named Zak and an 8 year old cat named Pheobe.I chose both names incase anyone was wondering haha :P

9.I have never broke a bone,had a filling or lost a tooth..
Other than my baby teeth of course!

10.I have anxiety attacks...
Which obviously I hate and anyone who suffers from them too will understand why I`m sure!

11.I prefer staying in to going out..
Does that make me boring?When I saying going out I mean 'nights out'.Dont get me wrong every now and again is great but I much prefer a day of shopping,pampering or just chilling out to a drunken night out.Maybe I am just getting old!

12.I am a total chocoholic!
I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth,especially when chocolate is concerned.I love marzipan and Afer Eights.Ok now I sound REALLY old,its true though!

13.I am currently Learning to drive..
My test is next month...I am dreading it even though I know I`m capable

14.I really want a Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 35 handbag..
Who knows,maybe I will get one for my upcoming birthday-but probably not,a girl can wish

15.I love my family!
Of course I probably don`t tell or show them it as much as I should do but my family really do mean the world to me.Where would be without them?

Making the most of your makeup...

I dont know about anyone else but I absolutley hate when I come to the end of one my favourite products .Over the past 6 or so months I have managed to make my way through what I would call probably my most used and favourite mac lipsticks.After realising there was still infact product left below the base of the lipsticks I decided why not depot the remaining product.I purchased a stackable set of small plastic containers (as pictured) from Boots and using my cuticle knife (you could use a cuticle stick or hair pin instead) scooped out as much of the product left in the lipstick tube as possible-which actually turned out to be quite alot.All you need then is a lip brush,or you could use your finger for a lighter aplication and there you have it,your favourite lipstick is brought back to life and I can now back to Mac for another lipstick to add to my collection.
Lipsticks shown from right to left are Myth,Angel,Hue and Darling by Gosh (I don`t wear this shade so much anymore but it was rolling around in my lipstick drawer and I decided why not depot it too).I also managed to peel the labels from each lippie and stick them to the base of each individual container (they screw apart),so I will always know which is which.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

My current skin care routine:Clinique 3 Step

As the title would suggest I am currently using the 3 step skin care routine from Clinique,I am using the level 3 formula which is designed for combination/oily skin which is exactly what I have however in the winter months I do tend to lean towards having a combination of dry and oily areas.Nice right!Not.

Anyway,I first started using clinique skin care about 6 months ago,yes I know its been around for donkies but to be honest I was reluctant to spend so much money on skincare and having done so in the past with no benefit to my skin.I decided to purchase a sample size kit which cost me £10,I have acne prone skin which really gets me down sometimes and had heard mixed reviews about 3step so I wasn't expecting miracles. However,after just one use my skin was more comfortable,appeared smoother and was feeling generally healthier.I continued to purchase the samle sized sets up untill christmas when I splurged and bought the huge kit for £60 offering me a large sized cleanser,lotion and moisturiser plus another sample size kit.

I have been using 3 step continuously since Christmas and while I am impressed it has not changed my life in terms of my acne.I still have it and while it was only ever moderate to start with I am always on the look out for some sort of miracle cleanser.I will continue to use 3 step until it runs out and I will repurchase the moisturiser which is the best I have ever used and reccomend to anyone however I will continue to try new cleansers and see what else is on the market,who knows I may one day come back to clinique!

Review:Too Faced 'Papa don`t peach' Blush

I want to start by saying Too Faced is not a brand I am especially familiar with,infact this is the only item from the company that I actually own.For some reason I seem to overlook the brand in general and favour other companies such as Mac,YSL and Benefit.However after purchasing this blush named 'Papa don't peach' I will deffinetly be checking out what the brand have to offer in future and I already have my eye on their matte bronzer which I have heard excellent things about.

The blush is obviously peach toned hence the name but it is actually more of a peachy,light pink.Although I don`t think it translates to the pan the colour is incredibley natural looking and has a light shimmer,it is not at all glittery as I first thought this may be the case but infact is so finely milled even a matte blush fan like myself can get away with it.

I think this shade would work well on any skin tone which is hard to come by with peach blush in my opinion.I find that some can look totally orange on fair skinned ladies and others can have the opposite for darker skin tones.

I think I paid around £16 for this blush which isn't what I`d call cheap but not ott either.As you can see it comes with a mirror which is a nice bonus and has cardboard packaging which I am usually not a fan of but the retro feel of the packaging does appeal to me.I purchased my blush from a larger Boots store but I believe Too Faced can be found in Debenhams and House of Fraser stores also.

A quick hello...

If your reading this I just wanted to give a quick hello and thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog.This being my first post I am obviously a newbie to the blogging world but any followers I may gain in the future can expect to see plenty of hauls,reviews as well as make up and general fashion and beauty related rambles.Upcoming posts include my daily skin care routine, a self tanner review and a spring fashion inspiration post so look out for those.If you happen to be passing by please leave me a comment with your own blog address so I can take a look,I love reading blogs and am always on the lookout for new material!