Saturday, 4 June 2011

Holiday/birthday haul continued...

I`m back with part 2 of my holiday/birthday haul,following on from cosmetics I thought I would include my birthday present from my boyfriend which was a Michael Kors watch which was purchased for me in the Michael Kors shop at Ceasers Palace.The shop assistants in there were seriously the most helpful and nice girls ever and after much deliberation helped me pick this style over several others I tried on.I already own the smaller rose gold version but this larger yellow gold style was just too pretty to resist and its not been off my wrist since.So purchasing Uggs in the middle of Spring probably seems a little strange but I couldn`t pass up on the $140 price tag compared to what I have paid for Uggs at home.In the UK we pay £165 for the same style so I grabbed a pair in chestnut and am going to put them away until the Autumn.I know Uggs are a bit of a love/hate thing with most people but personally I think there great for Autumn/Winter and ideal for when you want to be comfy and casual.A bit of a random purchase but I couldn't resist this cute teddy from The Belagio gift shop,he will remind me of my trip and is very sweet.Also pictured is my new iphone cover,its Juicy Couture and I really like it,its the first iphone cover I`ve purchased and will probably using it for a while.

Phew...I think thats about it for my holiday purchases!All in all I think I diddn`t do to badly but I`m going to really try and cut down on my makeup shopping for a while.I`m hoping to fit in more reviews and face of the days as I don`t want my blog to be filled with haul after haul.That being said I do have a fashion haul planned but as I haven`t done many fashion related posts before I thought it would be a welcome change.

Thanks for reading!

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