Saturday, 4 June 2011

In and Out...

Lady Gaga-Born This Way
Unless you live under a rock I`m sure you have all heard about/already own Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way which was released about a fortnight ago.Needless to say I had mine delievered first thing on the day of release and have been listening to it none stop ever since,I absolutely love it and it has certainly lived up to my expectations.Naturally I love them all but my favourite tracks are Marry the night,Bad kids,Fashion of his love,The edge of glory and Born this way.

Del Monte Smoothie Ice Lollies
Seriously!These lollies are A-mazing,if you haven`t tried them you must.They're fat free and under 100 calories,definetly the nicest ice lollies around and perfect for the hot weather we have been having this week.

Fake tan ban!
Yes,I have given up on the brown stuff and gone au natural-well,not quite!After being a fully fledged fake tan addict for many years I`ve decided enough is enough of the continous fake tanning cycle.I worked out I was spending £50 plus on fake tan per month and even worse I was rarely 100% satisfied with the results out and when I was it was time to scrub it off and start again after about 5 days.Instead I have decided to use a gradual self tanner every other day and the occasional sunbed (bad I know!)I scrubbed off the last of my tan last night and its so refreshing,my skin looks more luminous and of course I`m paler but I actually look healthier.

James Brown hair care
For the past 2 months or so I have been using several products from the James Brown hair care line and on the whole I am seriously impressed,especially with the moisturising hair mask which is hands down the best hair mask I have ever used!I may do a full review shortly as it deserves some recognition in my book.

Boys holidays!
On Friday my boyfriend jetted off to Ibiza for a week with his friends so until Friday I am on my lonesome!lol.On one hand I will have more time to catch up on blogging but on the other I`m a very lonely girl!I`m hoping the time flys.

Britains Got Talent
I`ve just finished watching the final of Britains got talent and I have to say I was shocked!I was expecting Ronan to have it in the bag (diddn`t everyone?) but congratulations to Jai,he was a worthy winner even if he wasn`t my favourite.I also thought it was a great shame that Paul Gebegbaje (pianist) diddn`t finish somewhere in the top 5,he was a great talent and I feel that sometimes the British Public over look acts like his.

Having to work in the heat!
As your probably aware I live in the UK,specifically the north of England where sunshine is a true rarity.However the past few days have been positivitly hot and there is nothing worse than being stuck indoors when everyone else is enjoingy bbq's and sunbathing.Hopefully the warm weather will stick around a little longer so that we can all have a chance to enjoy it!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend,I might start doing these posts more often as I enjoy reading other peoples.If you've done an In and Out post recently be sure to leave me a link so I can check it out :)

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