Thursday, 3 March 2011

Glamour magazine-Clinique Freebies!

To celebrate their 10th birthday 'Glamour' magazine are giving away one of ten Clinique products with every magazine.You can choose from there take the day off make up remover,dramatically different moisturiser,moisture surge extended thirst relief,high impact lip colour,all about eyes cream,7 day scrub cream,lash envy mascara,long last gloss wear,superbalm moisturising gloss or there liquid facial scrub.Decisions,decisions!.....

Or you could just pick up as many as you can find like I intend too!So far I only have one as I diddn`t actually realise they were giving away so many different products.I chose the the take of the day make up remover but hope to get my hands on the 7 day scrub cream and there long last glosswear.

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