Sunday, 20 March 2011

NOTD:Deborah Lippmann-Waking up in Vegas...

(2 coats-no top coat!)
A few posts ago I mentioned how Deborah Lippmann nail polishes were my new love and in particular this shade,Waking up in Vegas.This is the shade that Lady Gaga wore on her Vanity Fair cover last year (below)
Before I had even tried out this polish I was sold on this alone,not to mention the name (I`m visiting Vegas in 4 weeks time!)
I did however do the sensible thing and viewed a few swatches online before taking the plunge and parting with my £14.Lippmann polishes are available exculsively to House of Fraser in the UK but I`m sure they are widely available in the US.I was thoroughly impressed with the application and drying time,this is honestly the quickest drying nail polish I have ever tried which is a great thing for me as I hate waiting for nail polish to dry.I found that they applied very smoothly and this colour was opaque after just one coat,although I did go on to apply another.I really love the names of all the Lippmann polishes,I don`t know if all of them are named after songs but pretty much every one I looked at in House of Fraser was named after a famous song,I think thats a really unique thing to do and also a good marketing technique.The packaging of the polish is very nice,as you can see it is a square shaped bottle,quite unique and the polish itself comes in a clear plastic box which is a nice touch-I like to get my moneys worth,even if it is through extra packaging.The brush is slightly smaller than that of OPI but it is by no means thin,I actually prefer it to the OPI brush and find it easier to work with.I can not reccomend this nail polish enough,I also went back and bought Bad Romance (yes another reference to Gaga!) which is a beautiful dark purple glitter polish.The glitter polishes are a little harder to work with but thats glitter nail polish for you,I find no matter what brand you apply a little extra work is involved.The only downside to this brand is the price and the finish.£14 is quite steep but if you find a shade you love and you love the formula which I do then I think its totally worth it.The finish to this polish isn`t as shiny as some other brands I own but to be honest is doesn`t bother me at all,I apply a top coat and that sorts that issue out.
There is currently a 10% off deal on House of Fraser website on Deborah Lippman so if your interested now is the time to buy.If you are a big nail polish lover then there is no question about it you must try at least one shade!


  1. This is such a lovely colour. I have a colour like that on quite similar atm. It's an ELF one though :P x

  2. Thank you!I love it :)i really need to get myself an Elf hail haha xx