Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Making unwearable lipsticks wearable!

Ok so Viva Glam Gaga may not be the most unwearable lipstick but for me it is actually pretty out there.When it comes to lipstick I am NOT a brights lover,pale to mid tone pinks and nudes are my usual shades of choice.However after ordering the new Viva Glam Gaga this morning I thought I would whip out the original.Here it is paired with sugar rimmed dazzleglass.Nothing ground breaking I know but as you can see sugar rimmed has really toned the brightness down and makes me feel much more comfortable.


  1. That looks SO nice on you! I actually sold mine because it really didn't suit me, haha! x

  2. Thanks Christina :)I was desperate to make it work haha x

  3. i feel the same exact way about vivaglam! i think it clashes with my skin tone, but i really want it! this looks so pretty with the gloss though!