Friday, 4 March 2011

Mac Viva Glam Gaga 2 , Wonder Woman collection and FOTD...

Ok so as I think I mentioned before I am a huge Gaga fan and have been waiting patiently for the release of her new viva glam collection.I was especialy excited to hear that it featured a nude lipstick and gloss as I am a big lover of nudes and I really wanted to get my hands on them.A few days ago I was browsing the mac website and noticed that along with the wonder woman collection they were now online.I ordered imediately and they arrived yesterday.From the wonderwoman collection I chose emancipation lipgloss and mighty aphrodite.Pictures to come...
(I just want to add how much I adore this promo pic,I would love to know what eye products she is wearing.)
I absolutely LOVE this lipstick,I was a little worried but that it was going to be too brown but it certainly isn`t,its the perfect nude for my skintone.Some nudes can make me look totally concealer lipped so I have to be carefull but this is fantastic -its right in the middle,not too light and not too dark.
Although you can`t really tell I am actually wearing the lipstick alone in the top picture and I paired it with the lipglass in the second.I really like both products although the lipglass is definetly daker than what I`m used too.If you only want to purchase one product I would say go for the lipstick as I think thats what I will get most use out of.
I also wore my new foundation today-Lancome's Teint Miracle.I will probably do a review on this once I`ve had time to give it a better test run but so far I think its going to be a hit.On my eyes I am wearing bare study paint pot with toasted on the lid and smog in the crease,both from the Urban Decay naked palette.I`m wearing Estee Lauder double wear eyeliner and L'oreal volume million mascara.I used Rimmel brow pencil to fill in my brows.For concealer I am wearing studio finish and Ysl touche eclat.

I only picked up two things from the wonder woman collection,mainly because these are the only two things that stood out to me.I have spent some time researching the collection online but I hadn't actually seen anything in person.Luckily I love both my purchases!
Firstly is mighty aphrodite blush which I think is going to be the must have from the collection.I am wearing it in my photographs and as you can tell from the pan it is 3 quaters a light pink with the other quater being a bright more raspberry pink.Swirl them together and you get a subtle yet pretty pink with a tiny hint of peach blush.Im really glad I managed to get this as I most of my blushes are very bright and easy to over do,this however gives a nice,natural looking flush of colour.I like.
Next up is emancipation lipglass,just look at the size of this baby!It is double the size of the regular lipglasses and the apilcator is huge!I haven`t had chance to apply this yet but I have swatched it and it looks beautiful.Its definetly more peach than it appears here but unfortunatly I was unable to get a decent swatch of it. As for the packaging of the collection I personally quite like it!I`ve heard that some people aren`t a fan but to be honest this is a wonder woman collection and the packaging represents that!Red,blue and yellow packaging may not be to some peoples taste and they are not my favourite colours but this is a wonder woman collection and in respect of that I feel mac did a good job!
Overall I am pleased with my purchases so far,will you be purchasing anything from these collections?


  1. This haul looks really great. I really wanted to try those Wonder Woman items, but I had to stop myself lol. I'm trying to decide if I should get the new Gaga lipstick and lipglass. I'm afraid it will be a bit too dark for me.

  2. I think the lipstick would suit any skin tone tbh,I was worried the lipglass would be too dark but its fine.I fine that when I`m most tanned I can`t wear alot of nudes without looking concealer lipped lol but I think the gaga l/s would work with both tanned and pale skin tones and everything inbetween.Gaga did an interview recently where she spoke about the collection and said she wanted to create a lipstick that every skintone could wear,obviously I can only speak for myself at the moment but I really do love it,I can see me buying back ups lol.