Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Makeup Story...

I saw this post recently on Rachael at blog and thought It looked like a fun tag .Seeing as I haven`t done many tags in the past thought I`d give it a go.Basically its 11 questions designed to give your readers an insight into your makeup past so here goes,I hope you enjoy reading...

♥ How old were you when you started wearing makeup? ♥
When I was little I danced alot and for shows we would have to wear a little lipstick and blusher,maybe an eyeshadow.I was never too interested at the time but I always remember my mam buying me a big silver vanity case full of hair products and accessories and makeup.Like I said at the time I wasn`t exactly into makeup but I do remember this one lipstick I loved,it was by the Boots brand 17,it was a shimmery very light pink and was named Shell.I remember putting it on when I was about 9 and thinking I looked totally brilliant and grown up haha

When I was 13 I began wearing eyeshadow,mascara and lipgloss to school then at 14 I wore foundation and perhaps blusher.It wasn`t until I was about 16 I started to get really into it and added eyeliner and bronzer to my routine.

♥ How did you get into makeup? ♥

I think I was just a normal teenage girl,I would see pictures of celebs in magazines,products advertised on the tv and at first I was more interested in hair than makeup.I ALWAYS wanted to be blonde so when I was 13 I dyed my hair and then a little later I got into makeup.I started getting into high end makeup when I was about 16 and then at 18 I found youtube gurus and beauty bloggers.Now I`m addicted lol!

♥ What are some of your favorite brands?

Mac is probably my favourite ,I don`t think there is an area they fail to deliver on,I love their lipsticks,blushes,eyshadows,foundations and powders.Maybe their skin care could use some work fro what I`ve heard but I`m not very experienced with mac skincare.I really love Urban Decay for eyeshadows,possibly even more than mac,I`m a big fan of their primer potion too.Another favourite brand of mine is YSL,I love their lipsticks and lipglosses and I`m a fan of their foundations too.

♥ What does makeup mean to you? ♥
I diddn`t really know how to answer this one,I guess makeup to me means the opportunity to have fun,be creative and have a little more confidence.

♥ If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be? ♥

Foundation for sure,bronzer,mascara and a lip product-I`d feel very bare with nothing on my lids though.

♥ What is your favorite thing about makeup? ♥

The confidence it gives me and the ejoyment of researching it,buying it and finding something you love and that makes a difference to you.

♥ What do you think about drugstore makeup vs high end makeup? ♥

I have to admit I`m more of a high end girl,I do like drug store makeup but I just don`t purchase it as much as I do high end.I wish I could find a drugstore foundation I really liked but I always have difficulty finding a colour match. (I`m an nc35 if anyone has any recs)

♥ What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner? ♥
Get your base right!Theres no point owning a million lipsticks or eyeshadows if your foundation is terrible.I`d also reccomend trying out new products on a day you don`t intend to do alot.If I buy a new product I`ll wear it on a day I`m not leaving the house if I can to see how it works out,theres nothing worse than putting on a new foundation,leaving the house then realising its oxidised to a lovely shade of orange and is sliding off your face.

♥ What is one makeup trend you never understood? ♥

lilac lipstick!
I`m really sorry if you wear liliac lipstick or think it looks good but I`ve never seen it look good on a person yet lol

♥ What do you think of the Beauty Community on Youtube/Blogger? ♥
I really enjoy it and have found it so helpful,I`d miss both if they no longer existed.

♥ Who is your style icon? ♥
The Kardashians


  1. Thanks for the mention hon! My first lippie was pink & frosty too :) what were we thinking!

  2. Loved reading this. Made me laugh about the lilac lipstick. I always remember the Barry M one :P x

  3. @Rachael - No problem :)haha I know,its actually still available I think =/ lol

    @Christina Maria - haha I can still remember when I tried the Barry M one,hideous lol! x