Thursday, 10 March 2011

This weeks purchases...

Over the past week I have picked up a few items from both the drugstore and House of Fraser,on Saturday I did some shopping in Newcastle and stopped at Mac to pick up Warm soul blush,Indian wood paint pot and Satin Taupe eyeshadow.I was hoping to buy tan pigment but unfortunatly they were out of stock.I was especially excited to get my hands on warm soul blush as I had been looking for a natural looking blush and after seeing pixi2woo rave about this particular blush in her February favourites I knew I had to try it.I`ve been wearing it every day since I got it and I love it,I can tell its quickly going to become one of my most worn blushes.
Satin taupe is a shadow I hear a lot of good things about so I felt that it needed to be added to my collection however I haven`t had chance to try it out.
.Indian wood paint pot,when swatched is what I would call my perfect colour when it comes to the colours I like to wear on my eyes.Its a coppery,bronze,brown shade,a perfect base for some of my most worn shadows.Unfortunatly this diddn`t quite apply how I thought it was going to.It had less gold tones to it and appeared more brown.I still like it but the swatch does not apply to the application.
I also purchased Cliniques gel eyeliner,can you beleive I haven`t worn a gel eyeliner since I was about 16.I used to think liner on the eyelid diddn`t suit me but I thought,its been 4 years I should probabaly give it another go.I did my research before hand and the Clinique liner has some great feedback.I`m still on the hunt for the perfect brush,any reccomendations?
The rest of my haul are all items I found in Boots,we have Palmers dark chocolate and mint lip butter which is amazing!I have used this before and its my favourite drugstore lipbalm,I highly
reccomend.It smells and tastes of chocolate and mint,it soothes and softens my lips,lasts for ages and is pretty cheap!
Whilst browsing the sheleves of Boots I discovered these lashes by Ardell,I have heard many American beauty youtubers and bloggers mention this brand but I diddn`t know they were available in the UK.These were about £6 and I can`t wait to try them out.
My other purchases included a lipgloss from the brand Prestige,I am not hugely familiar with the brand but I do own their Mac msf rip off type product in the shade glam tan which I love and I used to use their bronzer back in day!I am very picky lipgloss person,I don`t like it when they are too sticky or opaqu,this one however is lovely.Its a 'Skin loving minerals' gloss in the shade 'Soft peach' it was £6.99.I would compare this lipgloss to the Revlon glosses,very smooth and non-sticky,fab!
Finally I picked up a bubble bath by the brand Sanctuary.I am slowly but surely getting over my Lush obsession,I do love their products but there is something refreshing about using a bubble bath that comes in liquid form and in a bottle after years of crumbling up bubble bars.
I also purchased some heated rollers and nail polish earlier in the week but I`m planning seperate posts and reviews for those so look out for those coming soon :)


  1. Sounds like you got loads of nice things! Looking forward to your heated rollers review :) xx

  2. This look like a really great haul. I love Satin Taupe eyeshadow :)

  3. Heated roller review coming up very soon :)
    I`ve heard so many good things about Satin Taupe,hoping it becomes one of my favourites x