Sunday, 20 March 2011

Topshop,Mac,Fake Bake and Charles Worthington...

This Saturday I did a little shopping and stopped by mac to purchase a few must haves and a couple of extras.First of all we have my all time favourite concealer,studio finish in nc30 and a new bottle of studio fix in nc35.I used to wear this all the time and I don`t know why but I keep going through phases of loving and hating it.Anyway its back for now!

I finally got my hands on tan pigment and I am far from dissapointed,its got more pink in than I expected and less,well tan.Its a beautiful bronzey brown shade,right up my alley.I wore it today alone just to see what it was like (I haven`t been anywhere important today)and I really like it.I`m looking forward to trying it with different eyeshadows.One thing I will say though and this is the reason I only own 2 pigments-they are so messy!I am quite clumsy and have managed to spill some already.

Mac`s Costa Chic is not a lipstick I ever saw myself purchasing,I`m very much a pale pink,nude,beige girl and I usually feel like a clown wearing anything bright.However I decided it was about time I expanded my collection and after seeing many bloggers pulling of this lipstick beautifully I decided to purchase.I hope I can pull it off,im unsure at the minute.
Other purchases included Charles Worthingtons mineral hair mask,I`ve heard alot of good reviews and plan on doing a review myself in the next few weeks.I`m a big fan of hair masks but I don`t like to spend a fortune on hair care,my favourite to date is Aussie 3 minute miracle.I also bought some more Ardell lashes(,I loved my first pair and think I have been converted from Eyelure) and I stocked up on fake tan,after Xen Tan dark lotion Fake Bake is my personal favourite.
I purchased alot of clothes yesterday and in the past few weeks as I`m trying to put together a holiday wardrobe at the minute.I`m thinking of doing a 'my week in photo's ' post when I get back so I`ve decided not to blog about them as I`ll be wearing them in holiday pics.I did however buy this cute little bag from Topshop,its tan suede and cost £25,its perfect for holiday as I probably wont want to cart my big handbag around everywhere.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend whatever you were up too!


  1. The pigment looks gorgeous even though I'm not a fan of pigments as they are so messy x=

  2. They are rediculously messy,but so beautiful! x

  3. I REALLY want Mac's Costa Chic. Great haul, you got some fab bits (the pigment is super pretty) x