Thursday, 10 March 2011

What's in my bag...

Seeing as I finally have the use of my camera back I decided to do the popular 'what's in my bag' post today.Personally I love seeing what other people carry in their bags,I`m not sure why,maybe I`m just nosey!I don`t carry too much myself as I don`t like my bag to be to heavy,everything pictured came straight from my bag before I took the photo so this really is what was inside my bag this morning with the exception of my keys which were in my front door and my camera which I tend to carry around with me sometimes.
The bag I`m using at the moment is a Topshop number I purchased in January I think it was about £38 and comes in lots of different colours,I also own the navy version.I really want a new bag for my birthday-either a Louis Vuitton or Mulberry but perhaps that is wishful thinking haha.
Inside we have some soap and glory hand food which is essential for me as I have really dry hands,I also have some hand hygeine gel as I find this useful at work-I have to touch peoples skin alot and if I diddn`t use this I would be forever washing my hands!
My phone is the Iphone 4 which I absolutely love,I would be lost without it and much prefer it over my old Blackberry.
My purse was a christmas present,its from Topshop and I love the colour,my photograph does not do it justice.The umbrella is also a Topshop purchase,I love mint green but I`m finding that its getting dirty very quickly.
My hairbrush is a denman which I purchased from Boots,I really like the leopard print design and its just the right size for a handbag.I think it was around £6.Makeup wise I don`t carry alot,usually just my blot powder and various lip products.I only have 3 in my bag at the moment , mac viva glam 2,prestige lipgloss in soft peach and Ysl rouge volupte in no.2
The cd you can see is actually my Lady Gaga remix cd,the only reason this is in my bag is because I made my boyfriend play it in his car last night on the way to the cinema :)