Thursday, 24 March 2011

Granny chic shoes...

I thought I would share these moccasin flats I purchased from Topshop this week,there not something I would typically wear but I love them!I`m very picky when it comes to shoes,I`m not a fan of brogues or any shoe that resembles something a man or an old lady would wear,although these are a little 'granny chic' I actually thought they looked pretty cute.
I love the soft grey suedec and they are perfect for spring now that its getting a little warm for boots but not hot enough for sandals.I think I will be wearing these with skinny jeans and might wear them on my long flight next month as I can pop them on and off easily and they wont restrict my feet too much,there really comfy!I`ve never actually seen these in store but you can pick them up on the Topshop website for £32 if anyones interested :)


  1. These look so comfortable! I bet they will look great with some skinny jeans.

  2. Thanks for your comment :)
    They are SO comfy,can`t wait to wear them

  3. Gosh!!! i just saw this earlier, and really I like, but I still have to think twice really... aww, such a beauty!