Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Nail Polish collection-collective review...

Today I thought I would post a collective review on my nail polish collection.I don`t know how my collection compares to other people but I think I own a decent amount,probably too much but I have to admit nail polish is a bit of a weakness of mine.From left to right starting on the top row we have some Mac in blissed out and baby goth girl,YSL in pink gold,various OPI,Essie,a ton of Barry M,some Models Own,Boots no7,a few Rimmel and Boots 17,several china glaze,Nails Inc,Revlon and then finally a few randoms from brands such as Ciate and Colour Club.

My favourite brand is probably OPI,I think overall they average out as having the best colours and application.I really love the colours by Essie but their formula takes alot more work.My favourites by OPI are Mod about you,My private Jet and Done out in deco.My favourite from Essie is Van d'go which is perfect on both hands and toes-its rare when I like a nail polish on both my hands and feet.I only own 2 at the moment but I absolutely love Deborah Lippmann nail poishes,I would go as far as to say If I owned more they would take over from OPI as my favoruite brand.The application is AMAZING and the colour range is beautiful.I only wish they were cheaper,I will however be picking up more when I can.As you can see I also own a YSL nail polish,now this was actually bought due to the beauty youtuber/guru/blogger Lorraine or TheCurrentCustom,she mentioned how this polish was the exact same colour as the Michael Kors rose gold watch which I happen to own and love.I went to check this out for myself and they are a pretty good match and really compliment each other.The application of this is a little tricky and it can easily look streaky as it is a metalic finish but its such a pretty and unique colour its worth the extra hassle.

When it comes to Mac even though I only own 2 polishes I am a big fan,I`ve heard some people say negative things about mac nail polish but I personally find the application to be fine,The brush is a little thin but its no big deal to me,my favourite is Blissed out,its from the warm and cozy collection and is the perfect nude for my skin tone.If you ever see it at a CCO or blog sale I highly reccomend you try it.

A brand I am very familiar with is Barry M,I own alot of nail paints,I actually have more but my mam has them in her room somewhere at the moment.I think for the cheap price,easy availability,unique colours and decent forumla you can`t go wrong.My particular favourite is Pink Flamingo,I also like Mushroom and Raspberry.

Another favourite of mine is China Glaze,I am not keen on their brush as it doesn`t hold as much polish as the OPI brush and therefore isn`t as easily to apply but the finish is great and they have so many colours you can`t not try at least one.If you like OPI`s Mod about you I suggest you check out Something Sweet by China Glaze,its not a total dupe,Mod about you is still nicer and more unique but its a gorgeous colour in itself and pretty similar.Mod about you is a little more in your face.

I own 4 polishes from the brand Models Own,in particular I like Purple Mystique,its one of the few colours I like for both hands and feet,I particularly like it on the toes.Models Own have a brilliant formula and a brilliant range of colours.I think they are about £5 which isn`t bad at all.I always find there are too many colours that stand out to me when I look at their stand in Boots which can`t be a bad thing!

Some other drugstore brands I have experience with are Revlon,Collection 200,Rimmel and two Boots brands,17 and no7.Revlon are the best of the bunch although I don`t find them amazing.I don`t tend to buy them often as the colours don`t scream wow to me and I find them over priced,I can get Essie or OPI at the same price if I buy on Ebay so I don`t like spending too much on a drugstore nail polish.The aplication is ok,and the colours are ok but thats it.I think I have tried two colours from the Collection 2000 range (I only have one pictured as I gave the other one away),I really hate these nail polishes!They are actually probably the worst fomula I ahve ever come across,yes there cheap but really whats the point paying anything for something so rubbish?I`d say pay another 50p or so and buy a Barry M nail paint.Revlon is another brand I`m not overy impressed with,I only own 2 nail polishes and one applies better than the other but once again unless you see a colour you really love,go with a Barry M nail paint if you want an affordable nail polish.From Boots I own some of their no 7 and 17 polishes,I don`t have a great deal to say about these other than 17 applies streaky but has some lovely shades available and no7 is a tad better in application but I find there colour range so boring.

If you have any questions about any of the nail polishes feel free to ask away,I would love to know what everyones favourite polish is as I`m always on the look out for new ones.Also I am desperate for new storage for my collection,I`m thinking or purchasing an acrylic rack from ebay-how do you store your collection?


  1. i dont own an opi nailpolish but after reading this review, i feel like i have to now lol

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  2. They are so worth it :) xx