Thursday, 17 March 2011

Pretty Pictures (2)...Plus an update :)

Hey everyone,
So It actually only dawned on me today that its been a whole week since I last did a blog post :( Unfortunatly I`ve been extremely busy at work and preparing for my driving test which I am absolutly going out of my mind with anxiety over lol!Anyone have any tips on how I can calm myself down?I am the worlds biggest worrier and have been for as long as I can remember.In happier news its only one month until my birthday and holiday!Its come around so quick,I can`t believe it.
I`ve had little time to do any shopping so far this week,which is probably a good thing however I did receive my my coco beau 'big,fat,firm foundation brush' today and it is beautiful-I can`t wait to try it out!
Anyway its almost the weekend so hopefully I will be able to knock up a few posts a little more exciting but until then here is my second installment of pretty pictures...

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